Friday, March 27, 2009

A New Pair Of Jeans

This post will clearly illustrate why women get crazy at times. I discovered, much to my dismay, that my favorite jeans were developing holes in them. And they weren't even cool holes to be in style. The jeans were ripping right where the back pocket was attached. Upon further examination of 2 other pairs, I found tiny rips in them too. 
Time to go shopping!
This is where the fun begins. I went to Walmart, sure I would find a pair there. I tried on at least 7 pairs, with no luck. I even had my husband scouring the racks to help me find the right pair. I must be getting old, because the last time I shopped for jeans there were only a few choices. I was bombarded with Loose Fit, Flare, Boot Cut, Boyfriend, Relaxed and Classic. Don't even get me started on what size I was. Depending on what style I chose, I was either a 4 or a 6. And in most cases the 6 was too big and the 4 just a little too tight. 
Off to Target I went. There was a tiny selection, none of which excited me. At this point I became disgusted and went home.

Last night I figured I would try again. I went to Old Navy, my husband's suggestion. There my choices were Flirt, Sweetheart and Diva. The difference between them was the "rise" of the jeans. Lovely.

I tried on 6 pairs, once again finding too tight or too loose. There were plenty of size 4's, even 2's but nothing really fit me. I also had the option of Short and Regular. 
There was a Sears store in the mall. I still had some energy and desire, so I went in. To my surprise, I found racks and racks of jeans. Levi's (my former favorite brand). Lees (my current favorite brand). Gloria Vanderbilt. Stone Creek (or something like that, the Sears brand). 

I tried on NO LESS than 15 pairs. The short was too short. The petite was kind of tight. I almost found happiness with a Gloria Vanderbilt but it was a tiny bit too short. Then there was the issue of the flare. I don't want flared legs! I just wanted regular, comfortable jeans. 
I happened to see a pair of Tapered Classic Fit. They didn't stretch. They didn't flare. They didn't have some weird pigmentation. I tried on a 6..almost, but not quite. I was ready to call it a day when my husband (genius that he is) suggested an 8. I was very skeptical, not because I'm in size denial, but most of the 6's gapped madly at the waist and were tight in the butt. The 4's fit in the waist but were tight in the thighs. As you can see I have serious issues. I weigh 118 and there is no reason why I would think an 8 would fit. 

I tried them on.

Length: good.
Butt/thighs: had room.
Tapered: check
Waist: not too gappy, room to tuck in a shirt.

Could this be it? Was this too good to be true? They were Levi's, so they were $30, but I really needed a pair and did not have the heart to continue shopping. 

I bought them.
 I'm wearing them right now and they are perfect. I hope they don't shrink when I wash them.

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