Friday, March 20, 2009

The Banana In The Garbage

I usually do not include links in my posts, but I had to write about this:

This is an article and video about a teacher who was arrested for allegedly making a pupil take an unpeeled banana out of the garbage and eat it. The student threw away his lunch, the banana was in the garbage for a few seconds, and it was unpeeled. 
The boy's mother was almost hysterical, saying her son could have contracted a "serious bacterial infection". 
Once again, I reiterate: UNPEELED banana. I believe it was a classroom garbage can, which probably only contained papers and the like.
The teacher said she was concerned about the boy not eating an adequate amount of food. Of course, she was arrested for her trouble.

Is this ridiculous or what? I shudder to think of a society where people get arrested and possibly sued for nothing at all. The teacher was charged with risk of injury to a minor, which is a felony.
Can you imagine this? I'm sure we can all think of incidents that took place when we were younger that carried a much greater risk of injury to us as minors, than this one. Heck, some of us used to eat food off the FLOOR when we were little. And if our parents found out that we threw food away, there would be punishment for us!

The superintendent of the school thinks the case is being blown out of proportion.
I agree. There is something other than a simple banana going on here. It's almost like a witch hunt. 

I hope this teacher's career and life is not ruined by this incident. She intended no harm to the child. 
This is just another example of the "blame everyone else" hysteria that is gripping this nation. I can't imagine what this country will be like in about 20 years.

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