Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm Loving Twitter

As you can see if you check the right hand side of my blog page, I have joined the twitteriffic world of Twitter. It's yet another social networking site that keeps you up to date on what your friends are doing. You "follow" others and they "follow" you, so whatever you write is seen by your followers. You can post anything from the sublime to the ridiculous on Twitter. Some of the posts are really funny, others mundane (hey, just like a blog). The idea is to convey a thought using 140 characters or less. I believe the proper name for the posts is "micro-blogging". The colloquial name is "tweet".
You can post from your phone, your computer...anywhere.

I must admit, since I've joined, the urge to tweet comes over me quite often. 

Last night I was watching Around The Horn. I'm a follower of the show on Twitter...and the host will tweet during commercial breaks about what just transpired on the show. It's like an additional layer of inside information.
I can see where all this updating can cause mental overload, however. By the end of the night I was ready to put the phone and the computer and the TV aside for some quiet reading. 

So now I'm completely in tune with these modern times. I have a MySpace and FaceBook page; I blog, and I tweet. 

What else will they think of next?

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