Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Cable Went Out

Last night I was ensconced in front of the TV per usual. It was just after midnight and I had SportsCenter on (shocker there). All of a sudden the picture flickered and then the screen went blank. I flipped to another channel to see if maybe ESPN had fallen victim to a studio fire or something....no picture on the Weather Channel either. Hmmm. I went to the computer, as my internet provider is my cable company, and....nothing. The cable was firmly and undeniably OUT.

I called them to see what was happening and was told "we are doing routine maintenance, the problem should be fixed by 6 am."

6 AM?!? It's 12:30 now! What am I going to do?!?! (of course, GO TO BED was not an option. This is why I can't get OUT of bed before noon.)

I looked around the living room, bereft and adrift. My husband was sleeping on the other couch, the schnauzer was sleeping on my couch, the greyhound was sleeping (see a pattern here?) on her bed in front of the now useless TV. 
Maybe I should follow their lead and go to sleep myself? Naah, I wasn't tired yet. I couldn't even surf the Internet!

As I sat on the couch nonplussed, I realized there was only one option (other than the normal thing, sleep) for me. I grabbed my copy of A Few Seconds Of Panic by Stefan Fatsis. It is a true story about a journalist that becomes a kicker for the Denver Broncos. I settled back on the couch, arranged the blanket over me, and started to read. 

When my eyelids grew heavy I figured it was time to finally go to bed. It was after 1 am, which is my usual bedtime. I hoped the book would make me sufficiently sleepy so as not to toss & turn until the wee hours. I also marveled at how dependent upon the TV I had become, and hoped that it would be back on for me to watch tomorrow night. 

As promised, when I got up today (at 11:45 am) the TV was up and running.
Thank goodness!

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