Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Bad Memory

I just realized that this title could be taken 2 ways: I could be writing about something terrible that happened to me in my past, or the fact that I can't remember things. 
I'm writing about the latter. I have a lousy ability to recall things, events, people, you name it. I was thinking about this last night whilst trying to fall asleep. There was a picture in my head, and I was trying to recall where or what it was. It was of some storefronts and brightly colored kites. As I searched through my available memories, I concluded that 1. I've forgotten so many things, and 2. I think it was a street in Massachusetts where I went on vacation. 
That led to my next train of thought. I tried to recall my honeymoon (Mystic Seaport and Cape Cod) and could only remember a few things. I tried to remember trips that I had been on; only a few memories surfaced. Then I went way back to my childhood...the only things I can consistently recall are things that I always think about, or events that I have photographs of. 
When I talk to my friends, they often will refer to things that we did together. I will immediately have a quizzical look on my face and then they will have to refresh my memory. 
The worst part is that even when they tell me stuff it doesn't ring a bell.
How sad, that I had such a good and fun life and now I can't even relive the good times! I'm not that old, but it seems lately my ability to recall things has diminished. How I made it through school I'll never know. 
The final turn my train of thought took was: why bother trying to do things & to make memories to think about in the twilight of my years, I won't remember them anyway! Basically I should just work, eat, watch TV and go to sleep. 
I don't know if that is a sad attitude or what. 

I just wish I could remember more about the things I HAVE done already.

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