Monday, March 16, 2009


One of the more interesting aspects of Twitter is that you can do a search for certain keywords, and then be linked up to tweets corresponding to that word. For instance, if you type #oneword, all the resulting tweets will be a single, usually esoteric, word. I typed in #haiku and was rewarded with pages & pages of the familiar poetry. (Haiku is a japanese form of non rhyming poetry that consists of 3 lines, with the 1st & 3rd line having 5 syllables and the 2nd line having 7 syllables.)

I have always enjoyed haiku; it's easy to write yet challenging also. The writer must convey a picture for the reader in only 3 short lines. 

I made a resolution to put one haiku on my twitter page every chance that I get. With that being said, I composed 5 haikus over the course of the day yesterday. The 5-7-5 composition makes it hard to say certain things; therefore my mind is challenged to convey my thoughts using different words or imagery. 

You can see some of my work on my twitter page. Feel free to comment.


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alex said...

I enjoy Haikus as well- but I don't "twitter" as of yet. One of your other twitter posts was almost a haiku-

cold and damp outside
basketball and corned beef
same old stuff tonight