Monday, February 16, 2009

Update on Practicum

I finally heard back from the director of nursing in regards to my practicum! She said she was going to discuss it with the powers that be over there at the vet hospital, and get back to me by this friday. Things are a-changing over there; they are making the students PAY for the learning experience, and I cannot use the vet that I was planning to use for my proctor. In any case, this is a step forward, since I have to complete the practicum before May or else my time runs out for the semester. 
There may also be a position open at the hospital, I would be a good fit since there is no lifting involved. I hope to hear back from someone this week about that as well.
My anxiety levels were up a little last week and this week, it could be that things are getting ready to change again in my life and I'm nervous; or it could just be the chemicals inside me making their presence known. I really hope I can do my schooling without incident, I don't want to be having a panic attack at an inopportune moment (not that there is a GOOD time for one).
Other than that, there is really nothing going on in my life right now..every day is the same, like Groundhog Day (I hate that movie but it sums up what I'm going through right now).
I hope to be able to blog about new and happy things by the end of this week!

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