Thursday, December 4, 2008

Update on Surgery

After finally speaking to the doctor's office yesterday about my surgery (waiting for the dr to finish his chart, good thing I wasn't dying in pain or the like) it is being put on hold. My pain is mostly gone due to one of the pills I'm taking and the surgeon wants me to go to more physical therapy for a month and then go back to him for a follow up. 
I'm happy that I'm not needing the surgery right now, I wasn't sure how I was going to handle it anxiety wise. However, I still can't work because I'm still anxious! I'm taking both my meds again, today was a kinda crappy day, got up with the jitters, etc etc. 
My disability benefits ran out today also, so now I have money worries along with my health issues. If I can just have good days I will go back to work, part time to start I can try to pay my bills and keep myself occupied. 
It's just very disheartening when I try to have a good day and my anxiety prevents me from doing so. 
When will this all end?

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JayMonster said...

Well, I am glad things are not so bad that surgery doesn't need to be considered immenent at this point, that is at least something of a silver lining.

Since this is an ongoing issue, I would suggest you get the SSA Starter Kit that could tell you if you can now qualify for extended Disability help.

Also, find you local county Social Services number and give them a call as they may be able to direct you towards some other help as well.

Hopefully, better days are ahead.