Thursday, January 22, 2009

What I Do At Night

I would like to report, first of all, that I have been doing well the last couple of days..but I'm cautiously waiting for the sadness to come back. I hope it does not, of course..but perhaps I can see another light at the end of the tunnel. 
In the meantime, since the football season is almost over (sob!) I have been keeping busy with the following shows:
Monday thru Friday I always watch my favorite ESPN shows, Around The Horn and PTI.
The 6 pm SportsCenter is usually good too. Monday is also House night. Tuesday & Wednesday is American Idol night, Thursday is Grey's Anatomy night, and Friday is the night for Wife Swap (yes, I know, it's like a car accident you can't avoid staring at) and Friday Night Lights. 
I have also gone back to watching the 10 pm news on Fox, and of course the 11 pm SportsCenter.

I have also been getting up earlier (9:45 am) and doing more stuff during the day. I will see my doctor next month, he will interpret the new MRI results, and make the decision on my surgery then. Hopefully my good mood will continue and the pain will be manageable. 

Every day is like groundhog day..the same thing over & there may not be a lot of posts unless I get an inspiration. I will do my best to find some inspiring things to blog between all my TV watching, that is!

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