Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Football Tribute

This post is going to be dedicated to the 2008-2009 Bowl season. It was a fun and exciting 34 games..a veritable football frenzy. Some of the highlights I'd like to share with you are:

Making NJ happy: The Bowl, Rutgers 29, North Carolina State 23.

Lowest scoring game (and my personal favorite, since I'm a Beavers fan): The Sun Bowl, Oregon State 3, Pittsburgh 0. Clearly a defensive struggle.

Largest scoring differential: The Chick-Fil-A Bowl, LSU 38, Georgia Tech 3.

Biggest upset and highest scoring game: The Cotton Bowl, Ole Miss 47, Texas Tech 34.

The BCS Buster: The Sugar Bowl, Utah 31, Alabama 15. Utah would be the only college team undefeated, yet not given any respect by either the BCS computer or the voters.

The ending perfection game: The Poinsettia Bowl, TCU 17, Boise State 16. This was a heartbreaker for the Broncos, ending their undefeated season.

The making of Magnolia sad bowl: The GMAC bowl, Tulsa 45, Ball State 13. I'm a Ball State fan, and this was tough for me to watch as my Cardinals stunk it up.

Edge of your seat game: The Fiesta Bowl, Texas 24, Ohio State 21. You had to wait until the final seconds to see the Longhorns pull it out. 

And finally, the Big Game: The BCS Championship Bowl. Florida 24, Oklahoma 14. Tim Tebow was everything he was hyped up to be and more, as the Gators stopped the #1 ranked Sooners to win the 2nd BCS title in 3 years. His leadership was impressive and the game close enough to still be exciting.

All in all, a great college football year. The BCS rankings gave great argument fodder every week, especially as the season drew to a close. I think the system should be tweaked to include playoffs, so there can be one final, best, winner, not ranks given out by votes or a computer. Ask any college football fan what he or she thinks of the BCS system and prepare for some invective.

Finally, I would like to give some serious love to my Philadelphia Eagles, who beat the NY Giants today to move on to the NFC Championship game next week. We will be playing the Cardinals, and I sincerely hope we can pull it out to go to the Super Bowl. At the very least, I can relish the fact that we knocked off last year's champs. 

Go Eagles!!


Tara said...

Giants Suck!
Congrats to your Eagles. They played well!

nighthawk said...

I hate the Giants but, as always, it's the Eagles Fans who I root against. It's funny though, the nicest people I know PERSONALLY are Eagles fans, so there's gotta be a lot of dingbats out there wrecking it for all you nice people like Magnolia. this season is even crazier. I'll really be pissed if the Ravens win.