Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Drama at ShopRite

My mom and I took our monthly food shopping trip the other day. It actually was about 2 months since we had been shopping, so I had the world's largest list. I had almost no food in my house and I also needed mundane things like mayonnaise, ketchup, soap, etc.
By the time we got to aisle 5 the cart was almost full. (We start at aisle 1 and go up & down every one.)
By the time we got to aisle 10 I told my mom to get another cart.

Bear in mind, it was Saturday, so the store was quite full. As we maneuvered our carts up and down the aisles, checking items off our happened.
My mom accidentally "ran over" someone's ankles with her cart. She never learned to drive a car, so it's safe to say that she doesn't have a lot of experience driving much of anything. We've all been "run over" at the supermarket--someone behind us bangs our poor ankles with the little bumper thingy on the bottom of the cart. Usually the one hit turns around and gives a death glare to the one who hit you, and that is that.
This time was different. The man that my mom ran over turned around and yelled "For Christ's sakes, lady! That's the second time I got hit in this store today, watch where the hell you're going!"
I was all ready to tell the man to stop yelling at my poor old mom.....when I realized...and my mom did too......that the man she ran over was none other than Chuck "The Bayonne Bleeder" Wepner.
Needless to say, we kept our mouths shut. It truly was an accident, and she was all ready to apologize, but when he started yelling it took us by surprise, and he walked away before she could get the apology out.
The rest of our shopping trip passed without incident. 20 grocery bags were loaded into my car and we were off.
It's always a fun day with mom!


nighthawk said...

I take it that this was in Bayonne. Well Chuck has been known to snort a little coke in between selling liquor and hanging out with bimbos. And that face, who could forget it. My friend once beat him in arm wrestling in where else, a bar. A rather bizarre tale. I guess when yo bump the ankle of a 6 feet 5 in 225 (or more) man it still hurts.

Daria said...

Jeez, good thing you didn't go with MY mom!! You KNOW she totally would have totally kicked his ass!! I'm not sure she hadn't already to be honest with ya!!

JayMonster said...

ah yes, the "new" ShopRite in Bayonne. Brand new store, stupid layout, and tiny aisles.

My mom, who has shopped at ShopRite for years (remember the 4th street ShopRite??), now refuses to go to this new store unless she feels she HAS to go there.

Her one time in the store, she also had a nice "story" like this to walk away with, only in her case she was the one who got hit with the cart. She had to stop because the person in front of her did and she could not get around. The guy behind her, rammed into her. When she yelled "oww" (mom is a bit fragile these days unfortunately), he yells at HER saying, "Ya can't just stop lady, so look the F**k out"