Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Cobweb Site

That is what this blog is turning into...going from a web site to a cobweb site because I haven't written in almost a month. Either my life is very boring or very busy.
I will choose the latter, in between studying for my vet tech degree and learning more about Wicca I don't have much free time. Nor has the urge to write grabbed me.
I'm wrong there. I was pondering creating a new blog to document the exploits of my recently expanded Mini Schnauzer family, as I've adopted 2 more girls. That brings the number of terriers in my house to 3. I was only supposed to take one but couldn't choose between them, and my husband was pressuring me to keep them both.
I'm glad I did.
So I'm sure I could fill up a blog pretty regularly with photos and tales of their exploits. I'm going to let the idea simmer a bit and see if I can fit it into my busy day.

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