Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Tale Of Woe, otherwise known as Hoisted On My Own Petard

I went back down to Atlantic City earlier this week, on Monday night, to attend a veterinary conference that I go to every year. I stayed at a different hotel, one right across the street from the Convention Hall. 
I was planning to stay there until Thursday evening, and had 3 days of lectures all planned out. 
Since I was staying for 3 days, I made sure I packed everything in my house that wasn't nailed down or in the washing machine. In ONE BAG. 
As I pulled up to the hotel I realized that $17.00 for valet parking was beyond my budget, so I followed the signs for "self park"....past the hotel, underneath the convention center, about a 1/4 mile away. After I had taken my ticket and found a spot, I came to the understanding that I would have to bring my own luggage with me to check in. This is where all the problems started. I have a bad back (bad is an understatement. I have herniated discs, gone thru epidurals and want to get surgery.) and really shouldn't be carrying a bag that weighs as much as me through a parking lot. I shouldn't even be lifting it out of my car. 
I was not using my brain at the time, however, so I carried it. (My bag, not my brain.) When I arrived at the front desk, out of breath and cursing my overpacking ability, I told them I would need a bellboy to take it upstairs for me. 
Things were fine so far. I checked in, unpacked, walked to McDonald's for a nutritious dinner, and went to sleep.
The next morning when I woke up, I showered and went to the first lecture. Somewhere between leaving my room and sitting down in the chair, my back went out. I experienced such major pain in my back, up & down my leg, and in my foot that I saw stars. There was no way I could sit through a lecture. 
Did I mention before that I packed everything except the kitchen sink? Well, I did. Except along with the sink that I left home, my PAIN PILLS were home too. I had to have my poor husband drive down to A.C. with the bottle. 
Unfortunately the damage was done..nothing would help me. I woke up Wednesday morning and checked out. This time I was smart. I had them wheel me downstairs in the hotel wheelchair and asked the bell captain to please get my car for me. I was unable to walk even a few steps, that's how much pain I was in. 
They were all very nice at the hotel, that's for sure. The bell captain even brought me a juice to drink as I waited for my car.
The most painful part of all this, besides my newly re-inflamed that I packed all these clothes to wear and I never got to wear them! I effectively ruined my own vacation, wasted my own money, and caused my pain to flare up again. 
This makes me want to never pack a bag for a trip again. 
Now I'm popping Percocets like M&M's, waiting until Monday and my next epidural. 
I hope I can deal with the pain until then.


Solareclipse said...

I'm sorry your trip went the way it did.
And here i was just asking myself when you were coming home.. rest up sweetie.. I'll pray Monday comes quick and as painless as possible for you.

JayMonster said...

Ouch. Sorry to hear about this. Feel better soon.