Monday, October 13, 2008


I don't know if it's a result of me getting older or what, but I've been feeling quite nostalgic lately. I find myself reminiscing about when I was younger and remembering what a wonderful time I had. The funny part is, I don't have the greatest long term memory, so I often hear stories from people who knew me back in the day, and the stories they tell me are like brand new. I can't believe I'm unable to remember all that!
The feeling I have is sort of tempered with a little pain, because those days are gone and never ever coming back. How are we supposed to bring back days before cell phones, CD's and multi tasking? 
Remember when we rode our bikes and didn't wear helmets? Or you called your friend and if no one was home, the phone just rang? Remember shopping on Broadway (or Main Street) for khaki pants and wallabees? (those are shoes, usually brown, with gummy soles- for the uninitiated)
I used to go to the corner store, buy candy, maybe a Fresca, and go "call on" my friends. Ring the bell, ask if they want to come out, hang out until dark, go home. There were no playdates scheduled and monitored by mom (I totally hate playdates! Send your kid outside, he will hang out with kids who live on the block with him, end of story).I remember walking to bus for me. AND I walked alone!! There was no mass hysteria about kids having a moment alone for killers or child molesters to snatch them up.
Remember gym class? We would actually RUN and PLAY outside! All year round there were different sports to learn and be involved in. Funny, but I really can't recall too many FAT kids in my class..that was because everyone had to exercise daily. 
I started watching that new show "Life On Mars" the other day, where the cop goes back to 1973...the best part is seeing all the retro stuff pop up. I can't say I'm following the plot too closely, as I'm distracted looking for the atmosphere. 
The 70's and 80's were a wonderful, crazy, unique time. If anyone has special memories please feel free to note them in your comments..I would love it!

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nighthawk said...

The 70's were wild. The hair was wild and big. Remember the clip on "jazz bow" ties for guys. I was wearing one in my 76 yearbook looking like some kind of junior Soupy Sales. The Fros' with guys wearing the "pic" in their hair. The platform shoes for guys and girls heralding the "unisex" look and alcohol "rehabs" became fashionable as we even had a president's wife have one named after her. See if you can remember who that was.
I was already 12 at the beginning of the decade. The Beatles broke up in 1970 and music would never be the same, Evidenced by groups like THE CARPENTERS aaaagh!
We had a prez elected by the biggest margin ever only to slip into oblivion by being the first one to resign. And the gas lines in the early 70's followed by the Jimmy Carter gas lines in the late 70's. And Jerry Ford, of all people had 2 crazed women try to shoot him but it was really Chevy Chase who metaphorically shot him down on NBC Saturday Night which was the real name of the show that became Saturday Night Live. Wild and Crazy Steve Martin changed stand up comedy. Quite an era but possibly one of the worst in my life. There's a trick about nostalgia. It tells you times were better. I look at the 60's more fondly because I was a 2 yr old when that decade started and 11 when it ended. Even until this day I strongly identify with the music of that period. When I got older the music started to suck more and more. But for any era, it seems that those who were growing up as kids find it to be the best time of their life even the people in the Great Depression talk about it fondly.