Friday, September 19, 2008

My blog title and happiness

The title of my blog is Latin for  "I think (cogito), therefore (ergo), I am (sum). I always enjoyed Latin in school and it is, after all, the grandfather of many languages. The statement "I think..." was made popular by the French philosopher Rene Descartes, in the year 1644. It basically means that if you are wondering if you do indeed exist, the fact that you are THINKING about it means you do. A more in depth lesson about this and philosophy in general can be found at, of course,
So today's theme is: thinking. I'm still feeling a bit nostalgic (see yesterday's post). I seem to get that way every September, when the leaves start to change and the weather turns a bit chilly.  My birthday is in September also and that is the line of demarcation between summer and autumn for me. Summer is my favorite season, and it's always a bit depressing when both the leaves and the temperature start to drop. For me, the beginning of the year is now, not January 1st. Now is the time to shake off the frivolity of the summer and get back to the grind, whether it's work or school. 
What am I thinking about today? I'm thinking about the inevitability of season's end. I'm thinking about time marching on, inexorably. I'm thinking about my own mortality and just plain "endings" in general. Youth is wasted on the young (so they say) and I wish I had some time back. I know you are supposed to live life in the moment and appreciate things as you do them..but who REALLY does that? Who thinks during a trip to the beach, "This is going to be a great memory!" Who thinks during a birthday party, "I'm having a time to remember!"

NOBODY, that's who.

Maybe I will start thinking about good things more. Perhaps I will stop and take time to smell the roses as I wander through the garden of life. 

Or not.
 I will say, one "rose-smelling" thing that I do now, is write down every night some little thing I'm thankful for. I have a pocket sized monthly planner, with tiny squares for each day. At night, before bedtime, I fill in the box for that day with something good that I'm happy about. One day it was a good meal for dinner. Another day simply reads "friends". I have expressed happiness about my family, pets, job, house, meals and my health. 
Looking back at previous months is a great memory keeper..I can see how simple things were momentous in my life and deserving of a the time my beloved Greyhound was very ill and close to death. That day read "GiGi ate a few bites of food".
That was back in May, and I'm happy to report that GiGi is doing well. Each day that she is here is a gift to me, one that I appreciate by giving her lots of love and hugs and petting daily.

Perhaps we all need to realize that there are lots of gifts given to us...presents that should be acknowledged by love, and hugs. 
Today I am thinking about all the good things in my life, an early Thanksgiving, if you will. I'm going to realize that when I feel nostalgic--that's a good thing, because it means I have fun and happy memories of my life. 

What are you feeling nostalgic about today??

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BerthdduCake said...

Hello, I'm BerthdduCake. I absolutely adore greyhounds, and in March last year I raised £158.05 for Greyhound Rescue Wales by organising a 'Greyhound Fete' at my school. By the way, I was very sorry to hear about Joey, and I think GiGi is very, very cute! :)