Thursday, September 25, 2008

I love my Sirius radio!!

America is a great country. No other country gives its inhabitants so many choices. Think about it--there is an ENTIRE AISLE at ShopRite devoted to breakfast cereal. And soda. Think of how many pizza parlours and fast food restaurants are within your reach. (I privately think that this only adds to the many reasons why America's youth can't concentrate: too many choices.) 
One thing that gives me many choices is my Sirius radio in my car. I used to madly stab the buttons on my old car radio, obsessively avoiding commercials and songs by hated artists. It's a wonder I didn't break a finger, driving and poking like I was insane. 
Now all that is behind me. I have over 100 channels, no commercials and the unwritten guarantee that I will find something, anything to listen to as I stab the tiny little remote control that comes with the radio. There is still stabbing, yes, but now I'm on a different kind of a quest: The Quest For The Perfect Song.  There are so many channels that I cannot choose which one I want to hear at any given moment. Should I listen to blues? jazz? comedy? 70's? 80's? reggae? ambient? (you know what ambient's that plinking atonal stuff you hear when you go to the spa. Never been to a spa? Well, go then, and listen to the music!)
Today my Spanning Of The Musical Globe served me up this gift: "Good Morning Starshine" by Oliver. I remember hearing this on AM radio, oh, about 1969. It's from the musical "Hair". Upon hearing it again today, I realized that it had some seriously lame lyrics. Sabba sibby sabba? Nooby abba nabba? 

Early morning singin' song!!!!

For all 12 of us who know how the song goes, the previous lines will have you nodding your head and humming. For the rest of you, go check out iTunes.

You have to love all those channels. Every day I hear a song that I haven't heard in a while, and some really awesome new stuff too. How did we ever get along listening to terrestrial radio? One of the best parts about Sirius is that you get the name of the song & and artist, so if you want to download it later, you know exactly what you are searching for. The only beef I have is that I think every song should have the year on it as well. The only stations that give us the year are the "number" stations, 60's, 70's, etc. 
And what a blessing to be avoiding commercials entirely! I don't know about you, but I never, ever, purchased something because I heard about it on the radio. Gone are all the lousy jingles, endless interchangeable car commercials and plugs for restaurants.
 I am free to make my own choices about where to shop and what to drive...and you better believe there are PLENTY.


solar1gt said...

You must have been listening to Movin' Easy! on Sirius! OMG you brought me right back to my two trips (and back) to West Virginia.. Kyle and I listen to that station until it hits the loop and repeats itself lol.. then we turn on Neil or Frank and we are good until thta gets boring then it's to the comedy channel!
WEll one more trip to add in about a month! so i'll totally laugh out loud now when i hear that song just thinking of this blog entry!!!

Anonymous said...


I miss my tape player from my old car. I made the mistake of just having a cd player in the new one. A good majority of my music is from albums (remember them) and they are out of print. But a good deal of my collection was taped off of the FM radio or from albums from the library. Oliver. He had another hit called "Jean" from the movie "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" which I believe the English actress Maggie Smith was nominated for an academy award. You remember it:
Jean Jean roses are red
come out to the meadow bonnie Jean
and run if you will to the top of the hill... schmaltzy but rather soothing.
I think the movie is about some spinster teacher who finds romance or something in her mid 30's.

Daria1963 said...

Sing a a sing....thanks, i'll only have that in my head ALL DAY.. Let me know when you stumble upon, "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald", "The Night Chicago Died" and not to be outdone....'Everybody was KunFu Fighting!!!" ;-)

Andrea said...

God Bless Sirius Radio!!! I love the music on left of center and have never been so trendy.. LOL! and I do love the love songs and sing along to them. Sometimes they feature specials like one time, they had all Neil Diamond songs all the time!! ALL THE TIME!! We're coming to America.. Beautiful!