Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Healthy Living

I went to a holistic MD yesterday. I've been having some health issues and basically, I'm scared to just dump a whole bunch of prescription drugs into my system and hope that solves the problem. I found this doctor by mistake, I was Googling one thing and up she popped. Serendipitous, I'd say~
So she met with me for an hour and she took copious notes, which made me feel better. I came away with 2 natural supplements, a prescription for numerous blood tests and, more importantly, HOPE that I will get better soon. The most ominous thing she said to me was "we will discuss diet changes on our next appointment." 
Diet change??? I thought I ate pretty well, but for some reason she had an issue with my oldest and most relaxing snack: a donut eaten daily at 10 am. I've been eating 10 am donuts (usually Dunkin Donuts, sometimes WaWa, but always chocolate glazed. NOT chocolate covered! There is a difference, you know) for most of my life. I remember being in grammar school and taking a trip to Teterboro Airport every Sunday with my Dad. I would take my flying lesson (subject for a whole other blog entry) and afterwards we would go down the street to Dunkin Donuts and have soup and a donut. I loved those Sunday mornings with my Dad. But I digress.

Back to the diet change. I figured I would be proactive and start a food diary, so when I go back to her I can be armed with the knowledge that I eat well. Let me tell you, when you are documenting every bit of food consumed, you think twice about a quick snack!! I haven't even THOUGHT about Oreos today (not counting right now...mmm...they would be sooo nice with some I digressing again? Nuts).
I suppose eating healthier is a small price to pay for getting my health back. I just hope I'm not going to turn into one of those people that have to analyze each & every bit of food that passes their lips. 
Let's check out my chocolate glazed friend!

This is the information I got from the DD web site:
Chocolate Glazed Cake Donut
Nutrition Facts
 Serving Size1 donut
 Calories from Fat170
 % Daily Value, Calories: 2,000
 Total Fat19g 29%
    Saturated Fat9g 45%
    Trans Fat0g  
 Cholesterol0mg 0%
 Sodium360mg 15%
 Total Carbohydrates39g 13%
    Dietary Fiber2g 9%
 Vitamin A0%
 Vitamin C0%

Hey! There's IRON in there. Cool. Good thing I've been eating those, women need extra iron.

Somehow I don't think that is going to be a good argument to keep this in my daily allotment of food. Sigh.

More on this when I return from my doctor's appointment.

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solar1gt said...

19g of fat!!!? OMG! that's enough to last a week!
You can still have your donut my love.. save it as a treat 1 day a week and it will be that much sweeter.
I to have a connection to my dad and donuts. lol. i remember when my parents were still married (before i was 6) Dad used to go to church on Sundays.. Id here the alarm go off from my room next door and while he was in the shower i would rush to put my sunday church dress and tights and shoes on with my cute little hat.. i figured if i was ready by the time he got out of the shower he had to take me with him.. why was i so excited? because if i was a good girl in Church dad would take me to the bakery for fresh jelly donuts.. everytime i chomp down on one of those puppies it brings me right back to church with my dad. lol. the weirdest things we remember as adults.