Saturday, September 25, 2010

Things That Bug Me

Not that I woke up cranky this morning, but I've been thinking about some things that seem ridiculous to me.....and lately there have been a lot. In no general order, here is a list (I love lists. Maybe I should change the format of this blog).

The dumbing down of America..such as the misspelled words on the news channel, the egregious grammar  on TV, and the instructions on food that tells you to be careful, it's HOT.

Cameras on traffic lights. Too Big Brother for me. (I did a previous post on this a while ago.)

The rush to get kids into school, learning 3 languages by 2 years old, doing calculations by kindergarten, and the playing of classical music while still in the womb. Just stop. Let them be kids, they will have to learn stuff in school soon enough.

Playdates. Whatever happened to leaving the house on your bike and riding to your friend's house, then taking a walk to someone else's house? Now playtime has to be penciled in and organized.

The flap over Katy Perry's dress on the Sesame Street video. No one cares about her boobs. The whole American prudishness bugs me too. Not that we should be naked every minute, but the fact that it's deemed "wrong" just heightens the salaciousness of a little exposed skin. It's natural, people...get over it.

Why are so many Americans out of work, yet when I go to ShopRite or Dunkin Donuts, I can't find anyone who speaks English?

Stink bugs. Where did they come from, and why are they always hanging around my house?

This is a partial list. I'm sure I will be adding to it in the future....but I'm getting annoyed just typing this post so I will end it here. I'm in a decent mood and don't feel like spoiling it.

Enjoy your day!

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