Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today is a day that will resonate for many of us, as we reflect on where we were when we heard the news. It is our generation's "Lunar Landing" or "JFK shooting", as we can pinpoint exactly what we were doing when our world changed. I look back at the nine years that have passed since that fateful day, and feel lucky that I did not lose a loved one that day. I feel amazed as I recall the things that have happened to me, my hurt back, my depression, my choice to start a new career, the loss of my Dad and my Greyhounds, financial problems, getting older....but also feeling better about myself and my life, a marriage that is still going, a peaceful home to live in and a deck where I can spend time writing, the new goals that I have set for myself, and of course my new Schnauzers.
Life has certainly changed both for the good and the bad since then. The Twin Towers will always have a place in my memory, for the World Trade Center was a place I visited, was the site of a first date, made deliveries to, and photographed many times during countless trips into the city during high school and college. I even flew past them during one of my flying lessons out of Teterboro Airport! Try doing THAT today....not happening.
So today I reflect on life....the way it once was, the way it is now, and the loss of innocence, both within myself and throughout the world.
It is an uneasy feeling....but it is what shapes us today.

Never Forget.

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nighthawk said...

Funny. I remember the Barnes and Nobles closing in Freehold, NJ. It seems a lot of stores just closed. But it was eerie the next day as I drove to Sandy Hook, to see the towers still burning like some kind of overgrown funeral pyre. My feelings that day and even after have been odd. I had a brother who went in late to work that day in NY but he didn't work in the trade center but near it. I was in Kindergarten when JFK got shot and I got to see Lee Harvey Oswald get shot too. I vividly remember RFK getting shot and I actually saw the funeral train as my Dad drove us to Metropark. I remember waving to Ethel Kennedy. I guess eeing all those assassinations and some attempts (Ronald Reagan). I think I was desensitized by the time the twin towers came around. After all, we already had the Oklahoma City bombing. Of course I grew up watching the Vietnam war on the 6 o'clock news. It's a shame to say all that violence has a numbing effect.