Thursday, November 20, 2008

To Cut or Not To Cut

My orthopedic surgeon said I was a candidate for surgery...I'm in the process of waiting for an appointment for pre-surgery tests. However, I've been taking a medication that also helps pain. Hence, I no longer have back pain! That is a good thing, but I'm not sure if I should be going for that surgery now. If I stop taking these meds will the pain come back? I'm not ready to quit the meds just may be at least 6-8 months until I don't need them any more. Then what will happen??
I really don't want to be recovering from surgery during the coldest part of the year either. Part of the recovery is walking frequently, not bending or twisting, or sitting. So how am I supposed to put my socks on, and all the layers of clothing so I stay warm outside? Have my mom come over and dress me? 
The only thing I want for Xmas is for my anxiety to go away, and for me to be able to work again, even if it's only part time. My back no longer seems to be an issue.

Auugggghhh!!! I'm SO confused!

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nighthawk said...

At all costs AVOID SURGERY