Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well, Barack got elected. He won on the platform of CHANGE. 
I, for one, deeply desire change. I want the economy to get better. I want my back to stop hurting. I want to be happy again. I want to go back to work.
My life truly needs change, and for the better!
I know Barack Obama cannot give me these things I desire...but I will not stop hoping for them to take place.
I go to see an orthopedic surgeon this Monday, hopefully that will show me a light at the end of that tunnel.
I'm one week into my anti depressants, I'm on 1/3 dose since the side effects are killing me. I know they take a few weeks to work but it would be nice to catch a glimpse of the old me, the happy me, the content Magnolia. 
Change cannot come soon enough.


JayMonster said...

Well, I certainly hope that all the changes you wish for come true as well.

Feel better soon.

Solareclipse said...

My dear sweet Magnolia,
your change will be here soon. You are in my prayers.