Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Have Become An Examiner!

In between studying for the VTNE and working, I have embarked on a new project. I was really trying to do research on what college I should go to, to obtain my MFA in Creative Writing. As I Googled and typed busily, I was directed to a site called They offer little blurbs, or "articles" written by regular people, about subjects that they are familiar with. I found someone to chat with me about Wilkes University, which is the school I've chosen to attend. I also became interested in becoming an Examiner, which is a person who has their own page and writes about a subject near and dear to them.
My application was accepted, and I'm now the Atlantic City Greyhound Examiner.

Sounds cool, like I'm peering closely at each canine, looking for something tiny. Anyway, my page can be found here .

Feel free to subscribe or check back often. I plan to put up articles on greyhounds at least once or twice a week, a lot more regularly than this poor blog. As I move forward with my MFA process I'll be blogging about that too.
Feel free to offer feedback on my Greyhound page, I welcome all comments.

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