Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Little Girl Lost Her Companion

A young girl lost her companion today, a dog named Jake.
Amid all the hustle and bustle of the season, the mad dash for presents, the brightly colored lights, and the cold air swirling around us all...time stopped for a moment.
It stopped for a dog named Jake, who was possibly 12, or 13 years old. His age is immaterial, because no matter the number the story still ends the same way.
Time stopped for this little girl, who accompanied her old friend to the clinic to wish him goodbye. She was blind to the gaily colored lights and Christmas decorations...because her eyes were full of tears and her heart was breaking.
As they wheeled her beloved pet in on a gurney, he was bundled up snugly against the cold, but he was still shivering. Perhaps he knew the journey that lay before him. He most certainly took comfort from the gentle hands stroking him as the gurney trundled along.
Time slowed down along with his heart and his breathing as my vet helped him depart this world, full of Christmas hopes and wishes, blinking lights and falling temperatures.
He passed surrounded by love, petted by the small hand of a little girl who will always remember this Christmas, not for what it has given, but what it has taken away.

A young girl lost her friend today.


Daria1963 said...

Ugg....not a good month for that Kyle. Bobby and I had to take Oscar, my Wheaton Terrier to the vet for his last visit. He had a brain tumor. He and I shared the same birthday. He just looked at us with that, please help me look in his eyes. We were there for his last breath, literally. I felt him blow his last warm breath on my cheek. I miss him everyday and want him back. Mike and Annette got news about their Giant Schnauzer, Skye today. They will bring him to the vet on Monday, which really sucks, because that's Mike's birthday. Dogs really get deep in your soul forever. And that, is a good thing!

nighthawk said...

As I read your post, I see your incredible talent as a writer. I can't get more succinct than that.