Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good And Evil

How wonderful a world this is that we can have both good and evil exist side by side. Well, almost side by side...I'm the only thing separating them! 
My neighbors on the left side of me (or the right if you are facing my house, not sure how you are supposed to face when describing neighbors) are totally evil. They try to cut down our bushes and trees, come out of their house to stare and see what we are doing, even if it's a mundane task like mowing the lawn or picking up dog poop, and park in front of our house even though they have plenty of space in front of theirs. The neighbor on the other side of me is such a pleasant person! He keeps his house neat and clean, plants flowers yearly, parks in his own driveway, minds his own business and is generally quiet. 
See what I mean about good & evil? 
This past Sunday, the woman of the house came by while I was vacuuming out my car to say hello and GIVE ME A GIFT. There was no reason for the present, she is just a good person. She gave me a hanging basket of flowers (just like the ones she has hanging on her fence) and told me she made it just for me. We usually speak in passing, about our gardens or flowers, but I never dreamed she could be so creative and thoughtful as to give me a floral gift.
I love flowers!!!

The only thing my evil neighbors give me is a headache. They are currently trying to sue me over growth of tree roots, and obviously I can't blog about that because it's happening now. Rest assured I will give all sorts of details once it's all finished.

Anyway, there you have it. Good and evil in the same place. 
Flowers on one side and stink weeds on the other.

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Tara said...

hate to tell them but they can't sue over roots..

on another note, i can totally relate.
Where i will be moving when i'm married we face the same thing.. the bitch to our left is a nut job BITCH and the people on our right are the most swesomest people on the earth. they invite us to all their bbq's and parties and give us little gifts every once in a while. they give the animals little treats for x-mas.. they truly are great people. we get nothing but headaches and grief from the whore next door. and her curtain crawlers do nothing but scream ALL DAY LONG! UGH!